Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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Enterprise Content Management Services (ECM)

In today’s digital world, Enterprises strive to stay on top of their game and one of their main struggles is unstructured, unmanaged and decentralized content. Whether this content is in paper form or even cluttered on individual digital spaces across the enterprise, it still does not help with decision making or overall business intelligence strategies as long as it is unstructured. Thousands of decisions, large and small, are being made across the enterprise every day. Each one affects short-term effectiveness and long-term success. Improving the quality of those decisions begins with having the right information when it’s needed. This information is contained in numerous forms of content spread across your organization. Managing this content is essential to the success of your business.
Regardless of the content format, managing and making intelligent use of the information contained within an organization has become a necessary element of enterprise competitiveness. Simply stated, content must be easily accessible, protected and placed under full life-cycle and compliance management to support critical business initiatives.
According to the latest studies, there is over 80% of unstructured content that is currently not managed by organizations. Business Vision Enterprise content management services (ECM) deliver enterprise content in its right context to fully utilize and make use of its potential. These services enable enterprises to capture, activate, share, analyze and govern unstructured data to lower unnecessary costs and risks while improving efficiency.
Business Vision Enterprise content management services do not only cover the data capture, scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Content Repository processes but also covers the workflow of Enterprises allowing great process management, business intelligence and reporting capabilities.
Our highly experienced scanning teams are trained to use different scanning modules such as IBM datacap. Our scanning methodology takes human errors into consideration as it can affect the whole process dramatically. We choose IBM Datacap as a scanning module because it allows indexing flexibility, categorization and quality control.
Ultimately, Business Vision Enterprise Content Management Services cover the complete process of digital migration of Enterprise content as well as implementing content management, Business Intelligence and content analytics tools.

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