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Business Analytics (BA) is not a new business concept but it is definitely what every business needs at the moment. Yes, BA has been around for years but it is more effective and more data-driven now that we have the proper tools, systems and software to utilize it. With the massive growth of data as well as the advancement of Information Technology, businesses are now able to exploit every bit of data and turn it into useful information to support major as well as minor business decisions. Being in control of their collective business data, enterprises can gain access to a more holistic view than before the creation of Business Analytics tools that grants this power.

What does Business Analytics offer?

  • • Drilling down and through data to find new relationships and patterns (data mining)
  • • Explaining why a certain outcome occurred through statistical analysis and quantitative analysis
  • • Experimenting to test previous decisions using historic data (A/B testing, multivariate testing)
  • • Predicting and forecasting future results (predictive modeling, predictive analytics)

Who needs Business Analytics tools and services?
  • • Small, medium and large enterprises and organizations that invested for years in systems to collect and record data and transactions and believe that it is about time to exploit this stored data and use it to enhance its business processes to increase profits and cut down unnecessary costs
  • • Governments, municipalities and semi-governmental entities that will use Analytics in the betterment of society as well as improve the services presented to the citizens
  • • Any company or organization that is looking for growth through data-driven strategies

Why acquire a Business Analytics Software?
  • • Business Analytics helps you make better and faster business decisions
  • • BA helps Automate Business processes. It helps you address the questions in hand and ensure you to stay one step ahead of your competition
  • • Becoming an analytics-driven organization helps enterprises extract insights from their enterprise data and achieve costs reduction and revenue increase goals faster

What does Business Vision offer for Business Analytics?
  • • Data Discovery
  • • Data Profiling and Metadata Layer
  • • Gap Analysis
  • • Data Cleansing
  • • Design Data Population Plan and Building ETL Jobs
  • • Build DW Logical Data Layer
  • • Build Physical Data Layer
  • • Data Loading
  • • Multidimensional Modelling
  • • Key Performance Indicators
  • • Industry Specific Key Performance Indicators
  • • Data Mining
  • • Big Data & Analytics Services

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